Dream An American Dream

By Paul Wertico, Associate Professor of Jazz Studies
Inspired by the musical composition “Dream an American
Dream” by Barbara Unger Wertico

Dream an American Dream
One filled with hopes and promise
Live an American Dream
See all there is and do all you can do
Walk through new doors and follow your passion
For all things in life, you hold the key
Help make the world, the place you envision
Without fear, without need
Dare an American Dream
Show who you are, discover why you are special
Build an American Dream
One that will bring a brighter day
Don’t be afraid to express true thoughts and feelings
Realize you are, what you believe
Inspire your hopes and fulfill your potential
And give the world more than you expect to receive
Dream your American Dream
Believe your American Dream
Live your American Dream
Share your American Dream
Be an American Dream

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